Canopy clothes lines

EcoDry canopy clothes lines take all the hassle out of drying clothes and are so beneficial you wish you had one sooner. EcoDry offers year round drying and peace of mind that your clothes will dry in all weather.
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The Ecodry Canopy Clothes Line was born out of a conversation with my wife about the frustration we had trying to get clothes dried on our conventional clothes line. 

Our Story

Why Ecodry?


No need for a high energy consuming clothes dryer.


Reducing the risk of mould and damp in your house.


Made from the highest quality materials. Bespoke and made to measure.


One off investment, will have paid for itself with the savings made on energy bills.

made in ireland

Designed and manufactured in Ireland.

5 year guarantee

Comes with a 5 year guarantee.

All weather drying

Perfect solution for rainy weather.

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Recently had my ecodry installed, friendly messages for arranging time to call for installation, I was unsure what size would suit the place I was putting it so I had requested different sizes be available to me, talked it out with the lads on the day and went with 12ft line best decision I made, clothes have great freshness after being outside instead of being hung up inside or put into dryer. Great invention worth the money, you won't regret it!

Stephanie – Kildare

Highly recommended! Got ours fitted today, sturdy, neat, efficient! Well worth. Would highly recommend EcoDry. Fantastic company to deal with, very efficient. Delivered and installed in Tipperary within a few days after ordering. Clothes line itself is very sturdy a made from excellent materials. Should have ordered one sooner! Ecodry are very good to deal with! Give them a call!!

Karen – Tipperary

Highly recommended! Got ours fitted today, sturdy, neat, efficient! Well worth it! Should have ordered one sooner! Ecodry are very good to deal with! Give them a call!!

Suzan – Cork

Very sturdy construction and super installation. Professional from start to finish. Great job lads.

Noel – Tipperary

Recently got one fitted and its of excellent quality, delighted with it.

Damien – Laois

Great product, easy and friendly communication and efficient installation. Highly recommended, thanks Mike

Di – Galway

Great product and hassle-free installation . Highly recommended if you're looking for some dedicated space to dry your clothes efficiently!

Nitin – Dublin

Great service, quick response, outstanding quality. Would definitely recommend to all.

Magdalena – Cork

Fantastic job. Would highly recommend Mike, great worker and lovely person, very happy with everything.

Elizabeth – Cork

Eco dry clothesline is excellent..... Don't have to worry about the weather..... Mike came and gave advice on where to locate it ...... Best decision we made

Margaret – Limerick

perfect job, exactly as wanted no mess no fuss, job done and everything cleaned afterwards, highly recommended. thanks mike 5 star job.

Mick – Cork

I got mine installed this week ....cant wait to use it ....highly recommend this and fantastic service from Mike .....thank you

Trish – Cork

We got our Ecodry installed in September and we find it excellent! Our electricity bills are lower because we no longer need to use the drier as often. The clothes come in off the line dry-it's fantastic to have year round drying! Very professionally installed and a great quality sturdy product!

Greg – Galway

I found ecodry to be a very efficient and natural way of drying clothes. The canopy is made of Perspex, which allows light to constantly shine through, the actual design of ecodry is well thought out, and clothes really do dry much faster than on a normal clothesline, The best part of ecodry is though, that it really saves on electricity. Drying time in a dryer is well reduced.

Kathleen - Limerick

Brilliant design great for drying clothes on wet day highly recommend

Dermot – Limerick


Can be used as a shelter for bicycles, kayakes...

The beauty of this product is that if you decide you need a bigger unit at any stage the existing clothes line canopy can be added to and made larger.

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