How does it work?

The EcoDry canopy provides shelter from the rain while allowing airflow to dry the clothes. The heavy duty UV resistant polycarbonate roof also serves a second purpose by greatly reducing the risk of bleaching or fading the clothes

Our Story

Canopy eco Clothes Line

The Ecodry Canopy Clothes Line was born out of a conversation with my wife about the frustration we had trying to get clothes dried on our conventional clothes line. We were constantly using the dryer, hanging clothes off radiators and a clothes horse to get them dry. We were finding that our clothes were shrinking and fading from the dryer and that we were replacing school uniforms throughout the year due to shrinkage.

With a child in the house with asthma and after doing research on the dangers of having clothes drying indoors I realised that it can be a serious contributor to breathing difficulties.  What began as a small idea to help drying clothes in our own home then grew into the EcoDry Canopy Clothes Line product.

EcoDry Canopy Clothes Lines offer year round drying while being kind to your pocket and the environment. EcoDry Canopy Clothes Lines will eliminate your need for a conventional clothes line - which realistically we don’t get to use too often in Ireland!

With an EcoDry Canopy Clothes Line you can also get rid of any clothes horse you have lying around the house creating more space in your home and reducing the risk of mould and damp which could be damaging to your health. With a unique design and along with the use of high quality materials EcoDry is a one off investment.


Designed in Ireland, made in Ireland, made for Ireland.

EcoDry is a family local business but we deliver nationwide!


high quality materials

Each unit is CNC Laser Cut and CNC folded and each component is inspected prior to dispatch.
The frame is made from high quality galvanised steel to eliminate the risk of rust.
The roof is from high quality UV Resistant polycarbonate.
The line is made from heavy duty reinforced wire.
Because we only invest in and use the highest quality materials we are confident all our work stand the test of time.


Product with many benefits

Great value for money

5 year guarantee

cares for the planet