6ft / 1.82m
(24ft / 7,3m of line)


The 6ft EcoDry Canopy is the smallest version of the product we offer and is ideal for an individual or a couple. It can hold one large wash load at a time. The beauty of this product is that if you decide you need a bigger unit at any stage the existing clothes line canopy can be added to and made larger.

8ft / 2.44m
(32ft / 9.7m of line)


If the 6ft isn’t large enough but you have a tight space the 8ft can often be the solution! Can be used for a small family.

10ft / 3m
(40ft / 12m of line)


The 10ft will hold two regular sized wash loads

12ft / 3.65m
(48ft / 15m of line)


The 12ft is our best seller and holds two large wash loads. With 48ft of hanging space you will get through the laundry in no time!

14ft / 4.26m
(48ft / 15m of line)


The 14ft is our latest addition. This unit can hold two large wash loads with space to spare. Or 3 regular wash loads. With 56ft of hanging space you will get through the  households washing with ease!

Delivery and installation prices can vary so please contact us for an individual quote.